Title Artist Performer Color Team Round Scored Points?
Summer Breeze Seals and Crofts Hilary G. pink Adventuring Party 1 Yes
Maybe I'm Amazed Paul McCartney Ben G. blue Choral Pleasure 1
Search And Destroy Iggy Pop and The Stooges Jen G. (@) Red The Red Lobsters 1 Yes
a song TBD A performer TBA White The Magnificent Seven 1
Hopelessly Devoted To You Broadway - Grease Coretta L. red Forbidden Cookies 1 Yes
Maneater Daryl Hall and John Oates Jack A. purple Three Guys in a Trench Coat 1
Go Your Own Way Fleetwood Mac Erica H. pink Adventuring Party 2
Fox On The Run Sweet Melody F. blue Choral Pleasure 2 Yes
Landslide Fleetwood Mac Sarah P. Red The Red Lobsters 2 Yes
When You're Good to Mama Broadway - Chicago Lynn F. red Forbidden Cookies 2
Sweet Transvestite Movie - The Rocky Horror Picture Show Kaleb H. purple Three Guys in a Trench Coat 2 Yes
Message In A Bottle Police, The Group P. pink Adventuring Party 3 Yes
I Will Survive Gloria Gaynor Group P. blue Choral Pleasure 3
Fat Bottomed Girls Queen Group P. Red The Red Lobsters 3 Yes
Stayin' Alive Bee Gees, The Group P. red Forbidden Cookies 3
Y.M.C.A. Village People, The Group P. purple Three Guys in a Trench Coat 3 Yes