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Song Title Artist ID
Far Away Nickelback 8-43
Feeling Way Too Damn Good Nickelback 8-56
How You Remind Me Nickelback 12-4
If Everyone Cared Nickelback 14-05
Leader Of Men Nickelback 190-17
Never Again Nickelback 205-18
Photograph Nickelback 20-78
Rockstar Nickelback 21-92
Savin' Me Nickelback 22-40
Someday Nickelback 23-96
Too Bad Nickelback 27-76
Woke Up This Morning Nickelback 153-30
Lighthouse Tale Nickel Creek 16-55
Reasons Why Nickel Creek 152-16
Speak Nickel Creek 184-19
The Lighthouse's Tale Nickel Creek 111-28
This Side Nickel Creek 152-24
When You Come Back Down Nickel Creek 183-26
Hot Child In The City Nick Gilder 229-12
Barbie Dreams Nicki Minaj 926-01
Barbie Tingz Nicki Minaj 913-01
Chun-Li Nicki Minaj 574-01
Moment 4 Life Nicki Minaj 478-29
Starships Nicki Minaj 286-48
Super Bass Nicki Minaj 285-63
Your Love Nicki Minaj 31-26
Bed Nicki Minaj feat. Ariana Grande 920-01
Bed (solo for Ariana Grande vocal) Nicki Minaj feat. Ariana Grande 789-01
Bed (solo for Nicki Minaj vocal) Nicki Minaj feat. Ariana Grande 788-01
Moment 4 Life (no on-screen lyrics) Nicki Minaj feat. Drake 479-01
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